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A Comprehensive Igbo Language Course (Basic—Advanced Level One)

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A Comprehensive Igbo Language Course (Basic—Advanced Level One)

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About Course

A Comprehensive Course in Igbo Language provides you with all the basic and grammatical rules which will guide your journey as you embark on Igbo language/ studies. You are going to learn how to read, write, listen and speak Igbo fluently with self-explanatory videos and written materials. The course started with the foundational level to the advanced level one. We began the journey from the basic Igbo through the intermediate and advanced level one. The course contents include: Alphabet, Pronunciations, Word Formation, Vocabulary Development in Igbo, Sentence Structure, Greetings, Gender Studies in Igbo Language, Pronouns, Nouns, Verbs, Parts of the Body and their Usages, Self Introduction, Commands, Different Foods of the Igbo, Numbers and Counting System, Spellings, Declarative and Negation Sentences, How to Express Oneself When Sick, Vowel Harmony in Igbo, Adjectives, Tenses, Direct and Indirect or Reported Speech in Igbo, Riddles, Igbo proverbs and Igbo Folktales.

We are not just teaching you the Igbo Language but Igbo culture and Igbo literature which goes with history. The literature is in form of oral tradition, documented in materials which you can download for your personal use. You are going to learn the Igbo food. You will learn what is happening during moonlight plays. The akụkọ ifo known as folktale, agwụgwa known as riddles, Ilu Igbo known as Igbo proverbs. The knowledge and information obtained from these contents will sharpen your brains in order to be well equipped with the language. It is also designed to spark the cultural and historical consciousness of Igbo learners. We have about 22+ videos here and materials that will be of help to you. They are specifically designed to meet your Igbo linguistic needs.

The lessons are well detailed, everything is explained. If you are new to Igbo Language, the course is your best bet. If you are an old student of Igbo, the course is your best bet. It is designed for both beginners who want to learn Igbo and then the immediate students who want to improve what they have learnt and finally, the advanced Igbo learners in first stage who want to know more about the Igbo grammar, rules governing the language structure. We have materials that will form a compass to your journey of Igbo language. All the materials are highly detailed and self-explanatory. They also have exercises you could attend to. Watch the videos and revise the materials over and over. I am open to further discussion. Ask me questions, I will be glad to reply you. I am excited that you are beginning this journey. I want to watch you succeed. Yes, you have already succeeded. It is a success. Ya dịrị gị mma. Daalụ.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn basic communicative Igbo from the letters of alphabet, word formation, the Igbo word class, sentence structure, grammar, literature and culture.
  • Learn tangible things that will make you grasp the Igbo language, write, read, speak and listen which are the four cardinal points of language learning.
  • Learn how the language, culture and literature work hand-in-hand to create a balance and quick result in language learning and communication.
  • Learn the culture and oral tradition of the Igbo people.

Course Content

The Igbo Alphabets and Word Formation

Self Introduction

Vocabulary Development

The Igbo Greetings

Commands and Response

Igbo Foods


Spellings: Sentence Formation

Declarative Simple Sentence and Negations

Igbo Pronouns

How to Express Oneself When Sick


The Igbo Adjectives

Tenses in Igbo

Vowel Harmony in Igbo

Gender Formation in Igbo Language

The Igbo Proverbs and Meanings

The Igbo Riddles and Meanings

The Igbo Folktales

The Igbo Verbs

Parts of the Human Body

Direct and Indirect Speech

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