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Primary Five Igbo Course (First Term—Third Term)

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Primary Five Igbo Course (First Term—Third Term)

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About Course

Primary Five Igbo course is designed to teach you everything you need to learn in Primary Five. The course is designed using the Educational curriculum from the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria through the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC). Additionally, culture, history, language, literature are the components of this course. The course is a foundational level for anyone learning the Igbo language from the scratch or basic level. Things one should be taught in primary five have been discussed here. Additionally, we blend our courses with Igbo culture, history, oral tradition and literature to ensure that students have solid ground in the course of their study and life endeavors.The course contents are audio and study materials. Bilingual contents as well; we realised that curriculum for teaching Igbo has no second and foreign language learners in mind. They are not considered. We use English to explain every word here in order to help anyone who never had any experience with the language to grasp it and grow to a professional level. We give foundational training of cultural and language nurturing here.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Students will master the Igbo literature, Culture, tradition, history and language.

Course Content

Agụmagụ: Nkwụ (Literature: Palm Tree)

  • Agụmagụ: Nkwụ (Literature: Palm Tree)

Agụmagụ: Ihe Mere Ewu Ji Bụrụ Anụ Ụlọ (Literature: Why the goat became domestic animal)

Omenala: Ọrụ Dị Icheiche N’ala Igbo (Culture: Occupations in Igbo land)

Asụsụ: Akaraedemede (Language: Punctuations)

Ọdịnala: Ịgụ Nwa Aha (Tradition: Child Naming Ceremony)

Omenala: Ịgba Mgba na Iti Mmọnwụ (Culture: Wrestling and Masquerade)

Ọdịdị Ahụ Mmadụ (Human Body Structure)

Ndị Ntorọbịa Na Ahụike Ha (The Young Ones and their Health)

Akụkọala: Ịgbaohu (History: Slave Trade)

Akụkọala: Jaja, Eze Opobo ( History: Jaja, King of Opobo)

Agụmagụ: Nwanyanwụ Na Di Mmụọ (Literature: Nwanyanwụ and Spirit Husband)

Oke na Nne (Masculine and Feminine Gender)

Mkpọolu na Ụbara (Singular and Plural)

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