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Primary Two Igbo Course (First Term—Third Term)

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Primary Two Igbo Course (First Term—Third Term)

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About Course

Primary Two Igbo course is designed to teach you everything you need to learn in Primary Two. The course is designed using the Educational curriculum from the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria through the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC). The course is a foundational level for anyone learning the Igbo language from the scratch or basic level. Things one should be taught in primary two have been discussed here. Additionally, we blend our courses with Igbo culture, history, oral tradition and literature to ensure that students have solid ground in the course of their study and life endeavors. The course contents are audio and written materials. Bilingual contents as well; we realised that curriculum for teaching Igbo has no second and foreign language learners in mind. They are not considered. We use English to explain every word here in order to help anyone who never had any experience with the language to grasp it and grow to a professional level. We give foundational training and language nurturing here.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Students will learn basic communication in Igbo. They will also learn how to write as well.

Course Content

Aha Ihe A Na-Ahụ na Gburugburu na Iji ha Mebe Ahịrịokwu (Forming Sentences with Things Seen in the Environment)

  • Iji Ihe Dị Gburugburu Mebe Ahịrịokwu (Sentence Formation with Things Seen in the Environment)

Uri Ejije (Dramatical Songs)
Students will be able to recite different dramatical songs in Igbo

Ekele (Greetings)
Students will greet and communicate effectively.

Ime Ihe E Kwuru (To do what one is asked to do)
Students will be able to issue command statement and also obey command statements

Abụ Ụmụaka: Egwu/Uri (Children’s Poems: Music/Song)

Ikwu Akụkụ Ahụ Dị Icheiche na Ọrụ Ha Na-arụ (To Say Parts of the Body and their Functions)

Ọnụọgụgụ 0-50 (Numbers 0-50)
Students will be able to count and arrange numbers

Mkparịtaụka (Conversation)
Students will learn communication and how to converse in Igbo. They will also build their vocabularies.

Akụkọ Ifo (Folktales)
Students will be able to tell stories. They will have interest in Igbo folktales. They will learn moral lessons associated in Igbo folktales. They will explain lessons learnt from the stories.

Ịkpọpụta Mkpụrụedemede na Mkpọpụta Okwu (Pronunciations of Letters of Alphabet and Words)
Students will be able to pronounce each of the letters. Identify the diagraphs. Identify the single consonants. Identify the vowels. They will also form words with consonants and vowels.

Ọrụ Dịịrị Onye Ọbụla N’Ezinaụlọ (The Roles of Everyone in the Family)
Students will learn about the Igbo family structure. Students will learn the roles of father, mother and children.

Ejiji Ndị Igbo (The Igbo Dressings)
Students will learn how the Igbo dress. How the men dress. How the women dress. How the king's dress. How titled men dress How titled women dress. How the young men dress. How the young women dress. How other ethnic groups in Nigeria dress.

Egwuregwu (Sports, Game and Play)
Students will learn different kinds of sports and games for children and adults.

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