A Comprehensive Guide In Igbo Grammar

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This book is designed to convey students and teachers to their destination of Igbo language learning. The idea is to help you learn from the scratch; from the unknown to the known. Over the years, students and teachers of Igbo language only have access to Igbo books written for first language learners. There are lack of materials for second and foreign Igbo language learners and teachers. To fill the gap, this book is designed in a bilingual form- Igbo and English. It explains rules of writing even the tiniest thing in Igbo.
Begineers, intermediate and advanved students will find this material useful as the journey begins from the letters of the Igbo alphabet to communication, word classes, grammar, oral traditions, culture, etc.
This book will serve as compass to guide you write and communicate in Igbo effectively and professionally.

1 review for A Comprehensive Guide In Igbo Grammar

  1. Reverend Daddy

    This is wonderful to say the least . Thanks Maazi Ogbonna for this piece of Igbo Book, Igbotic net and many more from you. Keep it up Maazi.

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