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Igbotic.net is the most popular and the best way to learn Igbo on the go.

Language learning made easy. Have you always wanted to learn another language but felt you never had enough time, or patience. Or you’ve tried and given up? Well, it’s time to try again with Igbo Master’s Institute –a fun, new way to finally learn that language you always wanted to master: the Igbo language.

In just a few moment, you will learn Igbo through our beautifully crafted, immersive and engaging lessons. You will be grounded not only in speaking, but reading, writing and comprehension. You will learn Igbo from the root and have a strong cultural and historical background of the language through our well researched and packaged curriculum.

How Igbo master’s Institute can help you learn Igbo online:

  • Learn thousands of Igbo words with Igbo Master’s Institute
  • Igbo master’s Institute helps to create memorable visual/audio associations with new words, phrases, clauses and sentences.
  • Igbo Master’s Institute explains everything in bilingual form—Igbo and English.
  • Igbo Master’s Institute helps you to practice your vocabulary and review the words and sentences you’ve learned.
  • Igbo Master’s Institute provides you with free downloadable materials prepared in Igbo and English to help you study effectively.
  • Start with just five minutes a day and build a language learning habit.

Let Igbo master’s Institute Help You Stay Motivated to Learn Igbo

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