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Collection of Some Igbo Poetry and Anthology Verses from 1975 till date: Editors, Authors, Year of Publication and Publishers

1975 was the year of Igbo anthology verse. Igbo written poetry began in 1975 though prior to this time in 1971, Egudu and Nwọga wrote a book called Poetic Heritage: Igbo Traditional Verse. This could have been said to be the first Igbo modern poetry but it has English title, and some analogy in it

Dibịa is not Native Doctor: The Roles of Dibịa in Igbo Land— A Historical and Descriptive Approach

I will start this discussion by stating that ndị dibịa in Igbo cultural beliefs and practices are not “native doctors”. Dibịa is beyond that English tag. In Igbo land, there exist different kinds of dibịa. I will also want to clear the misconception that what you see in nollywood and the way shrine is being

Wondering how to learn Igbo?

Igbo is very different from other languages, but there are some aspects of the language that make it easier than others. There are many recommended ways to learn Igbo. Become familiar with the Igbo alphabet: Master the pronunciation of words. Build your vocabulary Learn the sentence formation Learn simple conversation Understand the rules of Igbo

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