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Wondering how to learn Igbo?

Igbo is very different from other languages, but there are some aspects of the language that make it easier than others. There are many recommended ways to learn Igbo.

Become familiar with the Igbo alphabet:

  • Master the pronunciation of words.
  • Build your vocabulary
  • Learn the sentence formation
  • Learn simple conversation
  • Understand the rules of Igbo grammar
  • Learn the culture
  • Learn the oral tradition
  • Learn the history
  • Igbo grammar is the perfect challenge for grammar lovers. Not just that, it helps you to recreate words and sentences, then communicate and write as a pro.

Listen to a lot of Igbo audio:

  • Get the audio content books and listen to them.
  • Get the ebook too, as you are listening to the audiobook you will be looking at the e-book to see words and how they are pronounced.
  • Use Drops’ Premium listening test feature to test your listening comprehension.

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